No wordless Wednesday’s here…

Never a wordless Wednesday

The last few days have been a world wind of Murphy’s Law at work.  If it could go wrong, it DID…But my victory is that I didn’t let it ruin my day/week!  YAHOO!  GO ME! 

Tested the Mizuno’s!  COOL!
Speedy?  Nope…but miles under my feet, YOU BETCHA!
I went on my first group run with the Dick Pond runners in St. Charles last night, and was pleasantly surprised by the turn out despite the crazy snow and wind.  After the day I had at work I honestly wanted to come home and take a hot shower, followed by the couch…but I didn’t…I laced up, and ran a great 5.5 slippery miles.  And I got to run them in a test pair of Mizuno Inspires!  TOO COOL!  I liked them, but my Ravenna’s are still my go-to, as well as my Cadence 2’s.  I am shoe junky.  Yeah…I admit it…and am slightly proud my closet has more running shoes than high heels.  LOL.
Group pic…great runners!

Today, Murphy came to work with me again…I could have let it ruin my day.  But NOPE, I am refusing to let stress get the best of me.  I instead came home, ate a nice flat bread wrap from Quizno’s for dinner, and hunkered down for my nightly “stuff.”  Yes, nail paining ensued…let’s see if I can make it a day without picking it off, LOL.  I booked a hotel for the Trailbreaker ½ marathon on the 6thof April, (staying overnight on the 5th to avoid cramping/stiffness in my knee), and am pretty darn excited my 13 year old will be joining me!  She and I have been butting heads lately, so this will be a nice mini get away for us.  I’ll work that Friday, come home, load up, and we’ll head to Waukesha, WI.  I got us an extra nice room, well, for no other reason than the fact I want to bond with my daughter.  The room is at the Clarke hotel, just a few blocks from the start line, and it should all in all be AWESOME-sauce.  I just pray my legs hold out after running the Egg Shuffle the weekend before this race!  My new mantra is to run my races to the best of my ability, but to always remember to have fun!  This trailbreaker ½ will fulfill my ½ fanatic goal, and I am totally stoked.  I’ve found the ½ to my new favorite distance. 

I also have been searching for new career paths…more to follow on that one…

I’ve learned some valuable lessons this week that I think I have always known honestly.  But something, some THINGS have been really reaching out to me lately.

We all have goals, dreams, life, relationships, careers, you name it…but if you truly want to be a part of any of the above said things…well…you have to WORK at it…we aren’t all GOOD at everything…it all takes work.  So darn it, pick up the phone, add in the extra hour of work that is needed, or most importantly, LACE UP YOUR DARN SHOES.   This last sentence speaks volumes for life. 

Make excuses, or Make the TIME…your choice…

Lace up folks.  It’s the hardest, yet most important step to KEEP MOVIN’ FORWARD. 

5 thoughts on “No wordless Wednesday’s here…”

  1. 2 halfs in 2 weeks is pretty darn impressive! I'm sure you will do great- just take one much easier than the other.Hope you have a lovely weekend with your daughter. I wish my mom and I had done special getaways like that. hmm. maybe thats an idea for this year 🙂


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