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Worldless Wednesday-The day I became a marathoner

This tear filled smile says it all.  On this date 3 years ago, I crossed the finish line of my first marathon with my sister-The Chicago Marathon 2012 with a finish time of 5:23.


While I’ve since shaved 58 minutes off that finish time, this day will always be one my proudest moments.  What’s your proudest moment?  Are you running the Chicago Marathon this year?


20 thoughts on “Worldless Wednesday-The day I became a marathoner”

  1. Aw what a great experience and memory! I feel the same about my first marathon – NYC 2013 😀 It was such a tough challenge, but I triumphed and definitely was very proud.

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  2. Awesome! How great to run with your sis! I well remember that year since I was down cheering. My first marathon was Chi ’07 and it was a billion degrees and cancelled. My proudest moment was coming back from that and shaving off 47 minutes for a BQ the following year.


    1. I actually remember looking for you that year…Bobbi had said you were holding up some sort of sign?(I forget) and she kept telling me to look for you. How exciting you BQ’d!!! I would have to shave off another 45 minutes, which won’t happen sadly, LOL!!


  3. That is awesome!! My proudest running moment right now was last year’s MCM! I fought hard through muscle cramping and just a miserable run and still ended up with a 15 minute PR! I’ll never forget it and my BRF that dragging me through the second half of the run and gave up her own goals to get me there!

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