Hey guess what? Two things Tuesday…

I woke up Monday morning literally feeling SICK. I realize I have the worst patience ON. THE. PLANET. And the waiting was killing me. My stomach hurt, my head hurt, but I KNEW I needed to get out of the house and run. Just a mile. Just ONE mile. It had been a week since I’d last ran, and the need outweighed the want ten fold.
So after taking my daughter to school, I allowed myself a teeny nap to try and recharge. It was too cold for me at 9 am (13 degrees, WHA?) so I tried to rest with no luck…
So I got up, had lunch, and texted a friend I knew would prompt me to get outside. Just as I was putting on my headband my phone rang….Yup, you guessed it…I GOT THE JOB!!!! It wasn’t a picture perfect offer, but an offer it was and I snatched it up quickly. As of 31 March I will again be gainfully employed.
I grabbed my Ipod, and headed out the door to get my mile in. I felt giddy and decided I was not going to stress over $$ and just be thankful I had a job lined up. I ran 1.4 miles. Far? No…but I wasn’t just running my neighborhood, I was running OFF the negative crap I allowed myself to get sucked in to. I decided to run as fast as I could (without passing out of course). I ran a 8:54 mile, and the second .4 at 8:38. I left it all out there.
8 min miles

Today, I got up and got my youngest ready for school, did pre-employment paperwork, and headed out for my planned 5 miler at around noon. It was cut short due to stepping in a 6 inch deep puddle filled with freezing water, but I managed just over 4.4 miles regardless. It was a tough run, and I realize the time off I took this winter due to injury/personal issues/polar vortex weather has set me back some. But I kept moving, and allowed myself rest bits to take pics.

One of my favorite bridges on the Fox River trails
One of my favorite bridges on the Fox River trails
clearing of the trails
clearing of the trails
Not my best, but not my worst either!
Not my best, but not my worst either!
My cheering squad!
My cheering squad!
Just me!
Just me!

I was able to keep my miles under a 10 minute pace, but it was NOT easy. My legs were heavy, my breathing off, and guess what? I had a freakin’ blast out there all my lonesome finding cheer leaders along the way between wild life and fellow runners.

Tonight I cooked a simple dinner of curry mango chicken served over pad Thai noodles with a veggie stir fry. I took the help from the store as I am trying to find easier week night meals. I marinated/sautéed my chicken in this yummy sauce purchased at Target:

While the chicken marinated, I chopped veggies…use whatever you like! I used shitake mushrooms, half of a red onion, 2 cups of snow peas, 2 large carrots, and 2 cloves of garlic. Set this aside in a bowl…

20 minutes before you are ready to eat, sauté the chicken in a non stick pan with the marinate. Warm 6 cups of water in a pot, but don’t boil. Just have it ‘hot’ which will precook your pad thai noodles. 10 minutes out, drop in your noodles, and stir fry your veggies in grapeseed oil…add salt, pepper, and low sodium soy sauce. For the last 2 minutes, add in your drained noodles, toss and serve. This meal was easy, and quite the hit.

meal prep
meal prep

Dinner is served!
Dinner is served!

My two things, Tuesday, are this:

Faith…always keep the faith. Even in the darkest hour, and when things don’t always turn out how you may have planned. The man upstairs has bigger plans for us, and we need to take the opportunities he bestows upon us.

Passion…keep your passions in life, even when others may not understand why you do what you do. Even when you may not have time, make the time to do what you love, and do it daily. It will only give you added strength and drive to keep moving forward. For me, my passions are inspiring others, cooking, running, and of course my family and friends.

Keep Movin’ forward gang…allow yourself bad days, but know always tomorrow is a new day to start anew. My heartfelt thanks for all of you amazing support.

12 Comments on “Hey guess what? Two things Tuesday…

  1. Yay! Congrats on the new job Michelle. Been keeping you in prayer and sending positive thoughts 🙂


  2. Congrats!!!! So happy you got the job, and have been able to get some runs in this week!

    I agree on keeping your passions when others question them. A “friend” of mine is kind of bad about that… hey! Everyone has “their” thing. Let it go 🙂


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