First double digit miles post marathon and snarkyness. Yup.

This week was a bit of a blur for me.  I started my teaching job again just yesterday, so much of the week was spent concentrating on lesson plans, preparation, and of course much needed rest after my marathon.

I didn’t run last week.  I walked twice, a 2 mile and 3 mile jaunt around my neighborhood. 

Yet I don’t think it was quite enough. 

I woke up this morning feeling ‘off.’  Not ready for any sort of mileage, but needing to get at least 8-10 miles under my feet.  I dressed, ate, and used the rest room more times than I care to admit.  My poor tummy was NOT happy. 

I decided the smartest move I could make, was to head out to my favorite trails. I hopped in my jeep and set out for Geneva where I have parked countless times for SOOOOO many runs.  After I parked, I got a message from Karen over at Tradingingmyheels.com asking if I found someone to run with!  I was elated. 

I told her I was in Geneva, and bless her heart she ran towards me to catch me on the trail. 
love this girl!

I tell you what, seeing her smiling face did my soul wonders.  I had NO clue how my legs would get me through ten miles, yet great conversation and laughter made it SO much easier. 

We got on the topic of “snarky” people.  Yup…those that speak without filter, and how it affects us…

I used to NOT have a filter.  I’ll admit it…it’s taken me years to work on NOT always saying what I feel, because I know in the end it may hurt feelings, and that is the last thing I want to do…

Do you have snarky people in your life?  The ones who say things that seem to stab your heart with pain?

If so, how do you handle it?

Ultimately, my morning went off with only minor setbacks.  My Achilles tendon in my right leg is still screaming after ice, and bio freeze, so I just took some Tylenol and put on a compression sleeve.  Foam rolling didn’t add any relief. 

But this post, will end on a hugely positive note. 

I have lived in my current location for 2 ½ years now, and have the very best of friends. Some I see often, others I see only rarely.  But they share my joys, heartaches, and passions.  Some I have only ran with, and never spent time with ‘socially’ yet they KNOW me, love me, and more so BELIEVE in me. 
My happy place

Life is good. 

8 thoughts on “First double digit miles post marathon and snarkyness. Yup.”

  1. I've been struggling with an Achilles tendon issue too for the last month or so. Someone gave me some good advice via my log so I thought I'd share the love. He suggested icing after training but rather than use an ice pack, use a bucket of ice water. I'm not sure how you're doing yours but this has helped a lot. The other thing he suggested was self-massage of the calf. And by massage he meant to find the sore spots and apply pressure until the sore eases. This has also helped enormously. I'm using ibuprofen after the long runs and doing eccentric calf raises. I won't say it's completely healed but the problem is much better than what it was.


  2. Yay for running with someone! And your first run post marathon! :)Gosh, I consider myself to be pretty unfiltered… and on purpose. I bet I come off as snarky to a lot of people!


  3. That was the sweetest post ever. I can not believe you were ever snarky!! I had the best time running with you and I can't wait until we can do it again. I hope your achilles feels better soon!!!! xoxox


  4. That is cool that you and Karen ran together. So the snarky one if=n my life is my Dad. He uses facebook quite a bit for that. If you ever met him you would wonder how I am related to him. As I have gotten older I just laugh it off.


  5. LOVE this post. So so so glad you are feeling the love right now, even if your legs are still a little tired. Being a super sensitive gal, I often have to remind myself that snarky folks don't mean to hurt my feelings and take what they say with a grain of salt. I'm a work in progress on that part but I'm getting better. 😉


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