Week 7 of Marathon training nearly complete!

Well, I made it through my first official week (although week 7) of marathon training. 

I ate smartly this week; minus the buttered popcorn I ate the movie theater tonight that is totally kicking my ass right now.

I ran smartly, getting a short run in and my long run done on Thursday, which may have not been so smart.  It was 90 degrees, and the path I choose was FULL sun cover and NO shade which led me to some very slow miles.  But I got a ten miler in and I am pleased and only slightly sore.  We had a great time despite the weather, and even snacked on wild berries! Tomorrow will finish up my week with an easy 3-4 miler in my neighborhood.  I have revamped my plan to only 3 days per week of running, and strength training with cross training mixed in.  I didn’t get much “cross training” in this week, but I held strong with weights and core.  I hope to get a couple bike rides in this week now that my hubby is home and settled. 

I have been working on a logo for my FB page and it’s been so much fun.  One of my followers chimed in and offered a couple super cool designs.  I am brought back to my MBA journey where I swore I’d have my own business one day…this is a small step in a forward direction.  I can’t wait to see my fitness gear in production.  Stop by my page to cast your vote!  One lucky winner will win a custom made visor! 

I haven’t cooked much…but I have remained healthy for the most part. I cheated Friday night with 3 taco bell hard shell tacos, and popcorn today.  Heck…we aren’t perfect right?

I have realized that not everyone will always be in your corner.  Even those who are supposed to be closest to you…but you can’t please everyone, and you have to keep your boundaries.  You can’t let the lack of joy for your passions sway your determination. 

You simply keep Movin’ forward.  I have found some pretty amazing people on this journey towards a fitness and positive lifestyle, and I wouldn’t trade a single soul for the world.  I work hard to maintain my own fitness, the happiness of my family, and my slowly growing FB page and I love it, all of it!  I see changes happening, and it makes me literally giddy.

I didn’t train completely smart for my first full marathon.  I ate whatever I wanted, nearly like when I was pregnant with my second child thinking I would run it off.  I am still fighting off those 10 lbs of carbs.  SO with that, I will train smarter, eat smarter, and BE smarter this time around. 

Next week calls for a 14 miler.  I have to pace the half marathon group on Sunday so plan to do the route twice.  I got this.  Right?


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