Last day of January

Day 31

I haven’t been blogging as much; I suppose without a SET goal other than a few races in the future, I feel I don’t have a lot to speak to when it comes to the running world.

My RLA (real life adventures) have taken over, but I have still been able to get my miles in, and smartly.  I am cross training this year and working on strength training as well.  I know my poor right knee can’t handle those cool “mile a day” or “1/2 marathon per month” challenges.  So I continue to run for me, my miles, my sanity, and my wellbeing. 

But I have enjoyed building my new Facebook page, that ISN’T selling or promoting anything other than happy and healthy living.  I know I am not perfect, but I also know I have been through more than I care to admit…and if my life lessons can help even one person-I then am a well-rounded person.   If you’d like to check it out, here is the link….I love the fact that although it seems ‘all over the place’ it sincerely focuses on 3 main things…Running, Recipes, and Real life adventures.  Pardon the link….

Check it out if you have time!    And happy running this weekend!!!
This is one of MY happiest places on earth…do you have yours?

1 thought on “Last day of January”

  1. Those challenges are fun to try, but at the sign of an injury I will take a day or two off. Not worth it. I would say my happiest place on earth is the Chicago Lakefront. If I had one day to live, I would have them wheel me down there!


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