T-5…I (think) know I am ready.

I have always loved running.  I picked this sport as a 7thgrader because honestly I wasn’t good at many sports, and this one had the autonomy I needed.  I ran, and I ran for me…of course in Jr. High and High school you would get caught up in placing, but still, I ran for me and me alone. 

This was the one place I could be with myself in my head, inviting no one, and relishing in every thought I had or didn’t want to have.  I could push thoughts back, or push them to the forefront where I would deal, delve and devise plans for my success.  I was on the road, trails, treadmill or track and no matter the venue the run was mine alone. 

I didn’t run distance for the better part of my 20 years in the Air Force.  3 miles here, 7 miles there, but nothing to really get excited about until 2007 when I trained ‘quickly’ for my first ½ marathon.  I finished, and proudly strong…

Now, well, to now…

I have been training since December of last year.  I started very small, and worked my way up to running to ½ marathons.  One turned out terrible, and the second I redeemed myself with a 2:11 PR. 

This week is the last week before my Chicago full.  My 26.2 miles.  And I am so proud of all I have done, and all I have achieved. 

I watched “The Spirit of the Marathon” sent by my sister…and I cried.  Heck, I have been crying for a few days now.  My emotions are at an all time high.  Heck, what will I talk about after this?


Thank you, to you all…my 54 followers, my readers from facebook, and my family.  I am in awe.   



19 thoughts on “T-5…I (think) know I am ready.”

  1. I must be soft as a grape, 'cause that movie makes me cry as well…….particularly the part right near the beginning when Deena Kastor is finishing the Olympic Marathon and the realization crosses her face that she's about to medal and she starts to cry……gets me every time. I lost it in April when I turned left onto Boylston and saw the Boston finish line…..and when I sit here thinking about it, I still get choked up. But enough about me……I'm so excited for you and Bobbi…to be able to experience that together…….what a great weekend you're going to have!


  2. Running a marathon is so amazing, it is too bad that I can only run two a year! My waterworks will probably turn on sometime during the latter part of the race. It will likely be at the point that I realize that I have more than enough energy to get me to the finish line and I am just soaking in the whole experience.


  3. Awww… I know in my heart you'll do great! I am a huge fan of Spirit of the Marathon and I always get teary eyed but on Saturday I watched it for the first time since I signed for the marathon and I keep wondering if I will get emotional, you know?


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