T-12 Days…It’s getting REAL!

I said to my daughter, “Next weekend is the marathon…”  “The full Chicago marathon??”  I grinned, and said, “Yes…” “OMG Mom, are you excited?”, she questioned?  I smiled through my fear and said, “Mommy is nervous…”  She grinned, and said, “You are gonna do great Mom!” 

I could only smile…

BIG NEWS: We had our optometry appointments today, which I made ON her birthday so that we could get exams and fitted for contacts.  She’s been waiting for this for ages, and I felt ready as being so active makes glasses a pain in the rear for me.

After a couple hours of getting exams, practicing putting in and taking out the contacts the doctor sent us on her way with her blessing.  We are on a trial period to make sure we don’t react to them, as well as are comfortable with them which makes me feel at ease.  We finally finished up around 7:30 and as I drove home I caught the light of her smile in the corner of my eye although it was already dark outside…she was BEAMING from ear to ear in sheer joy of wearing contacts…all I could do was smile, knowing all was right in the world at that very moment.  I still “feel” them in my eyes, but I don’t have any pain so I am hopeful it is just my eyes getting used to wearing the contacts. 

KNEE UPDATES: Well, simply put its sore. I know it is partly due to a tight IT band, so I may turn in my rolling pin and go buy a foam roller tomorrow.  Some moments I feel ready for the marathon, and others I feel simply terrified.  I will continue to rest, ice, elevate and keep my brace on when I am on my feet. 

LIFE THOUGHTS:  Work will always be work…life will always have rollercoasters…our days will always be filled with “stuff”…

But, it is how we manage to incorporate these challenges into our lives, not the battle themselves.  So I say, live life each day to the fullest.  Ignore the joy stealers.  And relish in those who support you. 

For life will truly only be as good as we CHOOSE it to be. 


What is your choice?

11 thoughts on “T-12 Days…It’s getting REAL!”

  1. I never did feel ready for my first marathon, even though deep down I did the training and I WAS ready. It is completely normal to be nervous and terrified. You are going to be great! I will be at the mile 18 aid station cheering you on 🙂


  2. I am so freakin excited for you…and nervous…wierd!You will be great…I can hear it in your words. Enjoy every moment and savor it! and…savor all these moments with your little ones…so fast it goes…Hugs;)


  3. Buy the roller. It's so worth it. I have a short roller that I'm packing in my bag for Chicago. It does really help. I'll be rolling before & after that marathon. What a great birthday gift. 🙂


  4. GET THE ROLLER! 🙂 It made such a difference with my IT band inflammation. I am sure you will do great! Just stay optimistic and when the fears come in just tell yourself you have done all the training and the preparation.


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