Thinking this Thursday…1/2 way done with my 2 week tune up!

This post will be a bit different from some of my ‘normal’ posts.

Most of you don’t know me from Adam, but you’ve been kind enough to follow my journey on this running path I’ve made for myself.  My dream since a young child was to run a full marathon-even if just once. 

Since childhood, I’ve grown into quite a well-rounded woman I’d like to think.  I don’t think many people can say their childhood was filled with unicorns and rainbows, and I am no different.  After I left my home of Duluth, Minnesota back in 1991, I honestly didn’t look back.  Or at least that is what I thought…

I took those hard years filled with a low self-esteem and clouded self-image into early adult hood and made some pretty terrible decisions.  But again, who hasn’t? 

Yet with each bad decision I learned a lesson.  Sometimes that lesson was absorbed right away, while other times it took me years to realize I screwed up and needed to keep my shoulders back, and head held high. 

Finally at the age of 30, with divorce in my past, and debt finally paid off I realized I deserve MORE in this life.  I deserved to be happy.  I deserved to pursue my dreams.  A few core people got me through these times, and continue to stand by me even today.  My cheerleaders of sorts I call them, and they revel in my now ‘peaceful’ life after knowing the years of turmoil I went through in the past.

This turmoil caused other underlying issues.  One major one being me being dependent to a point on alcohol.  I didn’t see it until recently, when I couldn’t go to sleep without a glass of wine or a drink.  Yet these very drinks led me to feeling tired and groggy when I woke up.  I wasn’t getting hammered nightly, mind you, but I was having a drink or two most nights.

Today marks 1 week without a drink of alcohol, or caffeine, and I have never felt better.  Even after a crazy busy day at work like today I was able to knock out my 5.2 mile run and did it with a smile. 

I have only eaten organic food as well this past week, and feel like a new woman.  Here is my yummy salad I had for dinner!

My 8 miler (as previously mentioned) is this weekend, and I pray I can get it in between dental appointments, and my beloved massage therapy appointment on Saturday. 

I celebrated my first week, by purchasing the COOLEST running shoes ever…Happy day!

I will leave you all with this song…

Thanks to all for your unending support!

I will be on the trails on Sunday in Geneva/Batavia if anyone wants to join me!  J

20 thoughts on “Thinking this Thursday…1/2 way done with my 2 week tune up!”

  1. I read something that said "Hide the truth and it becomes part of your future. Speak the truth and it becomes a part of your past."Now that you have brought this to light, it can be put behind you. I can relate so much- I used to be a "responsible" drinker (never around kids, never while driving or working, but usually a night cap or two…) and it was such a great thing to cleanse myself of this habit. I am proud of you for being honest and real. Thank you.


  2. Brave posting, Lady M…..but something you're brave enough to do! You're making your way through your training in a sensible manner, and I just know you're going to have a great race!And those SHOES!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!! You're going to run so fast with those on….and I hope you're prepared for all the conversation they're going to create!


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