My motivation for Monday

First off, I downloaded the 1/2 marathon training plan from Hal Higdon. I used him back in ’07 and he didn’t fail me. My days may be off due to busy weekends, but I know which runs I need to get in each week. Half-Marathon-Novice-1-Training-Program

I started my “pre-training” over Christmas. I haven’t trained since ’07 due to injury, time, and plain being busy. I’ve been averaging about 13-15 miles per week. But this week it’s time to step it up.

My plan shows I should be at 12, with a 4 mile long run so I am praying I am ahead of the game.

Tomorrow I am due for my “long run” so hope to pull at least 6, with lack of sleep we shall see. I know here in a few weeks I need to be up to 7 so I plan on pushing forward.   

Yet we all struggle, we all have our “Green eyed monster” as TX Mommy listed…we are all only human. It’s natural to be jealous of others, their jobs, status, health and lifestyle…you name it. But I have found this jealousy only leads to heart ache. For we can only be the best WE can be, and it is too hard to try and compare our lives to others. So we try and show support, although sometimes it is shunned, we keep pushing forward. I wish my knee was better; my hip didn’t ache as if I was 95 years old, but I continue working to strengthen myself, physically and spiritually.  We all wish we had more time to train, be there for our family and friends…but hey, there are only 24 hours in a day.  I average 4-5 of sleep, the rest is dedicated to my passions.  To include my kids, husband, and career…

Yet I have made it my mantra to try harder, be a better person, friend, wife, and first and foremost Mother.  If people can’t see the effort I’ve put in, to my life, and to my family and friends, I regretfully can’t apologize.  I give my ALL; in ALL I do…I can’t live in the past and all I did wrong…I am now making things, well, right. 

I will run my race, live my life, and pray for those I love and care about.

It’s been a rocky road for me; those that know me well KNOW this…and should have pom poms while singing along the side line.  I applaud my cheerleaders.  I have come so very far…

Do you run your own race?  Or the path that others have paved?  Please don’t say I am stronger than others, I have simply been through a lot in life, and prevailed.  Who hasn’t?  In a metaphorical sense I say, put on your shoes and run.   The wallowing isn’t for me.  We all have bad days, but I try to make the most of EACH day.  Without regret.   I’ve had my pity parties located right here on my blog…but guess what, it makes me real.  I don’t paint a picture that doesn’t exist. 

We have choices in life.  Don’t limit yourself.  And ultimately while I lace up my shoes tomorrow, I will let all the negative forces be set aside.  

This race is mine. 

12 thoughts on “My motivation for Monday”

  1. Way to get back into it. It sounds like you are already ahead of where you need to be which is great! I am sure you will do wonderful! 🙂


  2. Yay for Hal Higdon's plan – I used it for my 1st 1/2 and it worked well for me, too! Yes, for the most part I am a happy, optimistic person, but I have my moments (and days)!


  3. What a thoughtful post. It is easy to get sucked into wishing for what we don't have instead of being grateful for what we do. Thanks for sharing this.


  4. amen for the struggle b/c it makes those finish line's so much more worthwhile. i mean, imagine if it all came so easily. preach on sister! and keep rockin.


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